Essential Gear You Need for Hunting

By: Plain Direct

October 12th 2023, 12:00:00 am

As we start the hunting season this year, it’s important to gather all the hunting gear you need for your first weekend out. If you’re new to hunting or need a refresher, here’s a list of the essential items you need to go hunting.




Hunting License & Tags

Before you go hunting, you must have legal clearance to do so. You don’t want to be caught poaching by the Game Commission! This means you need to apply for your hunting license and purchase tags for all of the game you plan to hunt that season. Then, you’re ready to gear up and go hunting.

Hunting Clothes

It’s time to bring out the camo clothing. You’ll want some warm, camouflage pants and jacket, along with some warm undergarments - especially socks. Put on some waterproof hunting boots and you’re ready to trek through the woods. Don’t forget an item with blaze orange on it, like a hat, because this will keep you visible to other hunters and many states require it.

Firearm or Bow

This one should go without saying, but you’ll need a weapon to hunt with. Check with your state’s gaming commission to learn about hunting seasons. States often dictate when you can hunt with rifles, shotguns, bows, crossbows, and muzzle loaders. You’ll also need a hunting knife if you’ll be field dressing your game.




Another obvious inclusion on this list is ammunition. You need arrows, bullets, or shells to shoot your prey. When hunting deer, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need more than one magazine. If you’d like to bring more, there are ammo pouches you can strap to your belt or pack or strap extras on the stock of your rifle. For bird hunting or varmint hunting, you’ll likely want to bring a few extra full reloads, just in case you hit a jackpot.

Navigational Gear

You don’t want to get lost out in the woods, that’s why you’ll need to bring along navigational gear. If you want to go old-school, bring along a map and compass. Otherwise, there’s some excellent modern technology to keep you from getting lost, like handheld GPS systems and even phone apps.

Scent Control

Animals, especially deer, have a much better sense of smell than us (often hundreds of times better). This means we need to control our scent. We can use scent eliminators and/or scent attractors to keep the animals from sensing our approach and even attract them towards us.

Decoys & Game Calls

To attract game closer to you and distract them from noticing you, you can bring along decoys for deer, waterfowl, or turkeys, whatever you are hunting. Another way to attract game is to use a game call. Again, there are many types out there for deer, waterfowl, turkeys or other game.

Safety Equipment

God willing, your hunting trip will pan out without a hitch. But, you always want to be prepared for the worst. This means you should bring a first aid kit for injuries, an emergency blanket and fire starter in case you become stranded overnight, and a survival knife and flashlight.



Overnight Gear

If you’re planning an overnight trip, you’ll need to take some extra camping gear with you. Obviously, you’ll need a tent and sleeping bag to sleep in. You’ll also need a flashlight or lamp to see at night and a fire starter to keep warm and cook. Speaking of cooking, bring some non-perishable food and a way to cook and eat it, like a mess kit. Unless you plan on carrying around gallons of water, a water purifier will help you drink creek water safely. Finally, some multi-use tools like nylon rope, a pocket knife, and a spade are good to have on hand. Don’t forget the trash bags to clean up after yourself, too!

Land Traversal

Depending on how far off the grid you’ll be going during your hunting trip, you might need to invest in a way to get there. Most of the time, you’ll be able to drive to your hunting grounds with 4-wheel drive and a short hike. But if your hunting grounds are especially rural, you might want to use ATVs or other off-road vehicles.

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