Guide to Buying Heavy Farm Equipment Online

By: Plain Direct

August 8th 2023, 12:00:00 am

Whether you are a hobby farmer tending to your backyard crops or a full-time farmer working on acres of land, buying farm equipment online can be a great way to get a quality piece of equipment at a great price. At Plain Direct our Farm Equipment page is filled with farm equipment classifieds ranging from small hand tools to heavy machinery perfect for taking your farm or garden to the next level. Today we will be taking a look at some of the most common farming equipment classified listings and how they can help you with your home garden or farming work.

small red tractor

Tractor Classifieds

Tractors are an investment, but they can drastically improve your efficiency on the farm or even in your backyard garden. Purchasing a tractor from an online classified site can give you access to a piece of machinery that may be out of your price range if you purchase new, and allow you to level up your farm without breaking the bank.

Many homeowners may think that tractors are only for large farms, but having a tractor on your residential property can make yard work easier and help transport wood for your wood stove or fireplace. If you have a large field or lawn, towing a mower with a tractor can save you hours of work and allow you to keep your property in tip-top shape.

Safety regulations are always changing with heavy farm equipment, and tractors are no different. For example, most modern tractors have a roll bar while many older models may not. If you are looking at a classified ad for an older model that doesn’t have a roll bar, make sure it has a seat belt to keep you safe as you are working on the farm.

Rototiller Classifieds

Another great piece of farm equipment to purchase used is a rototiller. Rototillers are essential in the farming industry and are key tools as you are developing your home garden. A rototiller uses turning blades to break up and loosen the ground. This helps prepare the soil for your new garden while also pulling up weeds and grass to make digging in the soil easier. Some rototillers are pushed from behind and some mount onto your riding mower or tractor. Plain Direct listings typically feature both, giving you options to find the perfect rototiller for your property.

When buying a used rototiller there are a few things to look out for to ensure it is good quality and will stand the test of time. First, you should inspect the paint and metal. If parts of the tiller have chipping paint or rust, this could be a sign that the frame is deteriorating. Next, you should inspect the tines, or blades of the tiller. If there are broken or dull tines the tiller may not operate efficiently and could break further.

white bobcat skid loader

Skid Loader Classifieds

Another great tool to have on the farm or large home garden is a skid loader. Skid loaders are compact heavy equipment with lift arms that can attach to a wide variety of buckets and time-saving tools. Grapples are popular attachments that allow you to easily remove brush and debris from your property. There are also farming-specific attachments like bale spears. These allow you to easily move bales of hay from one location to another without needing to balance while driving.

When buying used skid loaders you should test that all of the mechanisms are functioning properly. If the skid loader is an older model you may want to also check the engine and hydraulic fluids to identify potential problems. You should also pay close attention to the brand and model number. Your skid loader will eventually need to be serviced and servicing costs will be higher if it is difficult to find parts.

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