How to Use Animal Mounts and Furs to Accent Your Home

By: Plain Direct

August 8th 2023, 12:00:00 am

A big part of the homesteading lifestyle is wild game, and many homesteads are decorated with furs and trophies. If you are looking to decorate your home to complement the homestead way of living, adding furs and animal mounts make great accent pieces that work with the rest of your interior decorations. Today we are going to take a look at some of our favorite ways to use animal mounts and furs as decorations in the home.

Animal Mounts and Rustic Design Styles

Animal mounts and furs go great with the rustic design style, a style extremely popular amongst homesteaders. This style is not typically very expensive to accomplish, and animal mounts and furs fit right in. Rustic designs typically include natural wood furniture, warm color palettes, exposed beams, and lots of texture.

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Trophy Mounts and Accent Lights

Trophy mounts are often a point of pride and a showcase of the work that goes into a successful hunt. They also serve as unique focal points and conversation pieces, showcasing your appreciation for wildlife and the outdoors. Accent lights are the perfect way to draw attention to your trophy mount while also adding more light to the room. Accent lights on your trophy mount can also add depth, texture, and drama to your interior design.

Animal Mounts and Fireplaces

Animal mounts, furs, and fireplaces are a match made in heaven. Above the fireplace mantle is probably the most popular location for a trophy mount; mounts fit perfectly with the warm tones of brick, and this central location is a great place to put your trophy on full display. Adding a fur rug in front of your fireplace is also a great option, and provides a comfy place to curl up with loved ones in front of the fire.

Suggested Color Palettes

Animal mounts and furs can fit into any color palette, but if you are choosing new colors for your home we recommend choosing colors that fit into the rustic design style. Like we mentioned earlier in the post, animal mounts go great with warm tones inspired by nature. These rustic colors will perfectly complement your mounts and furs while providing a comfy and homey atmosphere for your living spaces. Trophy mounts and furs represent a love for the outdoors, so we recommend choosing colors inspired by nature to match that sentiment.

Tabletop Displays

When people picture trophy mounts their minds typically go to wall displays, but tabletop displays can be a great option to add character to shelves and tabletops. These displays are usually reserved for smaller mounts and furs and add perfect accents to the other items displayed on your shelves.

Faux Fur Interior Design

If you aren’t a hunter and are looking for an ethical option to display furs in your home, faux furs are a great choice. There are beautiful and luxurious options for faux rugs, blankets, and more that provide the natural look of real fur that is accessible to any homeowner. Faux fur also gives you the option to add furs to your home that normally wouldn’t be obtainable with hunting in your area.

Many people prefer faux fur because of the ethical dilemma that is sometimes associated with hunting. These homeowners are able to display the beauty of fur products in their home, without the knock on their conscience that would come with real furs.

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