The 7 Best Places to Find a Horse to Purchase

By: Plain Direct

September 7th 2022, 12:00:00 am

Are you a horse enthusiast looking to purchase your first horse? Or perhaps you are a farmer looking for another horse to grow your stud farm. Either way, you need to know where you can find breeders and other sellers to purchase from. Here are our picks for the top 7 places to find someone selling a horse.

1. Online Classifieds

Online classified websites function similarly to newspaper classifieds. Sellers can list their available horses and buyers can see multiple listings from multiple sellers all in one place. Plain direct is an online classified website for all types of farm animals and products, including horses. Check out available horses from sellers on Plain Direct, and you can also check out our online classified shopping tips if you plan to check out other classifieds sites.

2. Breeding Associations

Horse breeding associations or registries, like the U.S. Sport Horse Breeders Association, will often have directories of breeders all across America. You can search these directories for breeders near you and all of their contact information is available for you. You can reach out to these breeders to see if they have any available horses.

3. Rescue Organizations

Rescue charities, like the Thoroughbred Charities of America, will rescue former racehorses or abused horses and rehabilitate them. You can contact these organizations and adopt a horse and give it a good life for the remaining years of their life. This is a good option for first time horse owners, because the horses will be older, calmer and better trained than a weanling or yearling.

4. Wild Horse Adoption

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will often round up wild herds of horses found on undeveloped land. These horses are made available for rehoming for owners who can fulfill a set of requirements for horses, like at least 400 square feet of corral space for each horse. To adopt, you’ll need to fill out an application with your local branch of the BLM. Since these horses were born wild, it’s best that experienced horse owners use this option.

5. Horse Shows

If you’re looking for a show horse, attend a horse show in your area. You’ll be surprised to learn just how many horses at the show are actually available for purchase. Talk to the farmers you meet and ask if any of their horses are for sale. Even if they are not actively selling, they’ll often know someone who is or will at least keep you in mind the next time they sell.

6. Tack and Feed Stores

This one is a little old-fashioned but local farmers will often post ads on bulletin boards in your local tack and feed store. As a current or future horse owner, you’ll be visiting the store frequently anyways and this is a great way to introduce yourself and become a part of the equine-loving community.

7. Social Media

The modern version of your tack and feed store’s bulletin board is social media. There are a bunch of social media communities, like Facebook Groups, where horse owners can chat online. Find one with a large presence in your community and you could easily find a horse owner looking to sell. Send them a private message and schedule a visit to their farm.

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