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Welcome to our page! I've always had an interest in woodworking and several years ago while doing a fence job (which is my main occupation) I had the opportunity to do a small logging job for the landowner. There was an oak log that was not worth much for lumber and I got the idea to saw some live edge slabs out of it. That was the beggining of my hobby which I named 'The Slab Shop'. It is something I work at as I have time, evenings ,Saturdays, rainy days etc. I keep my eye open for interesting pieces of wood which I cut into slabs and then stack to air dry for several years. After they have air dryed I have a solar kiln which I use to dry them the rest of the way. They then need flattened and sanded smooth and I fill in cracks or holes with epoxy and lastly spray a finish on it. Most of what I have done is smaller pieces such as end tables , coffee tables , clocks , benches etc but I have some larger slabs drying for future projects.

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